Project 9: Telling a Story with Data

Graph of English grades Spring 2023
Here is the link to all of the recent UMW grade distribution reports that I used to create this graph and tell this story with the data.

Story the Data Tells

The data tells the story that within the English department the Communications courses have the highest percentage of A’s. Overall the data also shows that with in the english department there are very few students who receive F’s and fail the courses.

The Process

I chose to look at this data because I am a communications and digital studies major, so I wanted to look at this data to see how comm students fell with in the grades of the english department. First I isolated the english departments courses and then made this graph that showcases how many letter grade each course has, in percentage. Secondly I made the pivot table and then ensured that I was using the percentage of As, Bs, Cs, Ds, and Fs as values and the courses as axis categories. I looked at the data from Spring 2023 because that was when I started at UMW and these grades include my comm grades from last semester.

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