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Owala Vs Stanley


I chose to make my podcast comparing the two trendy water cups/bottles on the market today. The Owala Vs the Stanley. I began by researching the comparable specs, such as size, leakproof, and colors. I used this article from Bon App├ętit to determine the of the Owala specs that I did not previously know from owning the cup. This article came up when I simply searched “Owala Vs Stanley. This podcast topic was inspired by a blog post by “The KareBear” where she discusses the specs of the Stanley, she outlines “everything you need to know”.


I used my iPhone mic to record my podcast and I sat on the floor of my closet to ensure the best quality of sound.


I used Soundtrap to edit my podcast and to add my music, which I imported from BenSound.


Today we will be comparing the Owala versus the Stanley. The Owala has FreeSip technology which allows two different ways of drinking. They have fun colors and names. They are available in a 24 32 or 40 ounce option with only the 24 fitting in the typical car cup holder. They are leak proof. They have a carrying handle on the lid and they recently released a leak proof cup with a handle on the side similar to the Stanley look. Now the Stanley does not have a leak proof straw and lid. They have fun colors 30 and 40 ounce size options, fit in the cup holder, have a handle on the side and there is a leak proof option with a handle on top as opposed to on the side. Only available in the 30 ounce option. Thank you for comparing the Owala and Stanley with us.

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