Final Project


For my final project I wanted to create a digital portfolio of sorts, with my resume, copies of sample writings and digital projects. In the world of Communications positions for new grads it is important to set yourself apart from others. This means being memorable, I created this sight to use to set me apart and make me memorable to who ever is shuffling through resumes/applications.


I ensured that any images on my sight had alt text to make the site user friendly for as many viewers. I also made sure to use the correct heading to highlight key information.

Media/Sourcing credit

The header image was a free back ground I found on google, it was a loyalty free image that I decided to use. All other materials on the site are obviously my own writings/creations.


I chose to have all rights reserved to me as I am the creator of the content and I own all content that is on the site.

The site!

Kathryn Durham Digital Portfolio

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