Final Project


For my final project I wanted to create a digital portfolio of sorts, with my resume, copies of sample writings and digital projects. In the world of Communications positions for new grads it is important to set yourself apart from others. This means being memorable, I created this sight to use to set me apart and make me memorable to who ever is shuffling through resumes/applications.


I ensured that any images on my sight had alt text to make the site user friendly for as many viewers. I also made sure to use the correct heading to highlight key information.

Media/Sourcing credit

The header image was a free back ground I found on google, it was a loyalty free image that I decided to use. All other materials on the site are obviously my own writings/creations.


I chose to have all rights reserved to me as I am the creator of the content and I own all content that is on the site.

The site!

Kathryn Durham Digital Portfolio

Project 9: Telling a Story with Data

Graph of English grades Spring 2023
Here is the link to all of the recent UMW grade distribution reports that I used to create this graph and tell this story with the data.

Story the Data Tells

The data tells the story that within the English department the Communications courses have the highest percentage of A’s. Overall the data also shows that with in the english department there are very few students who receive F’s and fail the courses.

The Process

I chose to look at this data because I am a communications and digital studies major, so I wanted to look at this data to see how comm students fell with in the grades of the english department. First I isolated the english departments courses and then made this graph that showcases how many letter grade each course has, in percentage. Secondly I made the pivot table and then ensured that I was using the percentage of As, Bs, Cs, Ds, and Fs as values and the courses as axis categories. I looked at the data from Spring 2023 because that was when I started at UMW and these grades include my comm grades from last semester.

Final Project Proposal

For my final project I want to build out my main domain, I want to build out my domain and use it to help with post grad hiring. Often times communication jobs or communication related jobs want to see samples of my writings. I want to post some of my sample writings and my resume. Building out my main domain as a portfolio also shows that I have the ability to build a website, to update it and to make it aesthetically pleasing. I want to create multiple pages within my domain to make it organized and take them to different sections.

3 Starbucks Holiday Drinks

The Creative Process

For this project I went to Starbucks and ordered three of the new holiday drinks, I took shots of both the outside and inside of the Starbucks I went to. I then moved outside to take some shots of the drinks. I used Canva to edit the video, I used my iPhone to record the audio, and I found free christmas music on “Free Music Archive” through a quick google search. The creator of my background music is Dee Yan-Key.

Why Starbucks Holiday drinks?

I chose todo my project on some of the Starbucks Holiday drinks because they were very talked about this past weekend and it felt like a relevant topic.

Personal Podcast

Owala Vs Stanley


I chose to make my podcast comparing the two trendy water cups/bottles on the market today. The Owala Vs the Stanley. I began by researching the comparable specs, such as size, leakproof, and colors. I used this article from Bon Appétit to determine the of the Owala specs that I did not previously know from owning the cup. This article came up when I simply searched “Owala Vs Stanley. This podcast topic was inspired by a blog post by “The KareBear” where she discusses the specs of the Stanley, she outlines “everything you need to know”.


I used my iPhone mic to record my podcast and I sat on the floor of my closet to ensure the best quality of sound.


I used Soundtrap to edit my podcast and to add my music, which I imported from BenSound.


Today we will be comparing the Owala versus the Stanley. The Owala has FreeSip technology which allows two different ways of drinking. They have fun colors and names. They are available in a 24 32 or 40 ounce option with only the 24 fitting in the typical car cup holder. They are leak proof. They have a carrying handle on the lid and they recently released a leak proof cup with a handle on the side similar to the Stanley look. Now the Stanley does not have a leak proof straw and lid. They have fun colors 30 and 40 ounce size options, fit in the cup holder, have a handle on the side and there is a leak proof option with a handle on top as opposed to on the side. Only available in the 30 ounce option. Thank you for comparing the Owala and Stanley with us.

New Logo

KD with "Kathryn Durham" on top of the KD
Kathryn Durham logo, created in Canva

What and Why

This logo has my initials and my name on it since it is MY blog. I chose to use my name and initials because it is a good representation of who I am. I chose this black and pink simple design because I liked the way it looks and how aesthetically pleasing it is.

The process

I used canva to create the logo, I played around with different fonts and color blocking in order to create this simplistic design.

Copyright, Header Image and Site Icon Image

Copyright Info

  • I chose to have all rights belonging to me, because I did not want someone else to have rights to my posts made on my subdomain.

Header Image

Ocean image with rocks and waves, taken from birds eye view

I chose this header from “” which is a royalty free site.

Site Icon Image

Gold circle logo, in the circle is a sun and some waves

I chose this site icon image also from “”.

Kathryn’s Digital Corner

When attempting to select a blog title I was stumped, I asked chatGPT and it supplied me with a list of options, when I inputed the question: “What should I name my blog, my name is Kathryn Durham. I am a senior at the University of Mary Washington and I am majoring in Communications and Digital studies”

Below I copied the list: I found a lot of these interesting and very universal.

  1. “Digital Insights with Kathryn Durham”
  2. “Mary Washington Comm Connect”
  3. “Kathryn’s Comm Corner”
  4. “UMW Communication Chronicles”
  5. “The Digital Scholar Blog”
  6. “Kathryn’s Comm Endeavors”
  7. “Mary Washington Media Maven”
  8. “Kathryn’s Campus Comm Spotlight”
  9. “Navigating the Digital Age with Kathryn”
  10. “UMW Comms & Culture Chronicles”